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We are looking for Projects

Do you have a great idea or project that will help us and others in our common efforts to achieve social justice, freedom, democracy, and the protection of the environment?

Are you looking for the right people to do this project with?

Are you looking to give this idea or project to the right people?


To develop, support, and promote technology, knowledge, ideas, and tools that make it easy, and affordable for as many people as possible to participate and strive for social justice, freedom, democracy, and the protection of the environment. 


The projects should transcend the local impact that could be achievable by the members of the cooperative, and strive to generate the greatest impact possible that can influence, or be used or applied by as many people as possible around the world, without them necessarily being connected to the coop NGO in any way. 

Evaluation Process

The members of the Cooperative NGO read the submitted projects. If a member is particularly interested in a project, they get in contact with the creators of the project and together they pitch the project to the other members of “We Just Coop”. The Owner/Workers evaluate the projects according to the objectives of the cooperative, the operative capability of the NGO, and the cost-efficiency of the project. If 2/3 of the members of “We Just Co-op” decide to approve the project they sign a contract with the proponents of the project and start working on the project. The creators of the projects can postulate themselves to coordinate an area of the project, but they will not be the owners or bosses.


Before you submit a project, we recommend you read our Philosophy, click here, and how we operate internally, click here.

Project Proposal
Project's Impact Area
Do you want to participate in the project or just propose for us to develop?

Upload your pitch to DropBox, Google Drive, WeTransfer or any other service that  permits you to upload documents and get a URL address from where we can download your documents.

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