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Our Philosophy

We strive for social justice

because we are empathic human beings that decide not to turn our backs on other peoples’ sufferings, because we can’t ignore the injustice done to us, and because we understand that what is good for all, is good for one.

We strive for freedom

because we think freedom is the most essential and beautiful characteristic of the human being.

We strive for democracy

because we know that we are not currently living in real democracies. We think that every human being and every community has the right to self-determination and that only through self-rule, can humans cooperate to expand everyone's opportunities, possibilities, and freedoms. It is only through a real democracy that we can be free individuals that freely participate in a free society.

We strive to protect the environment

and stop global warming, because we love and enjoy life and nature, and because we understand that climate change will bring insurmountable amounts of suffering, strife, and death to humans and many other living beings.

We are a cooperative

because we believe that free, empowered, and self-determined humans can better cooperate to achieve our common objectives and steer the course of humanity.

We develop tools, and technology

because we want to help make it possible, easier, affordable, and enjoyable to steer humanity to a just, free, democratic, and sustainable future. We develop tools that will be used by many people around the world to reshape governments, consumption, the economy, and to help solve our climate crisis. An APP might not change the world, but an APP might help people change the world.

We make marketing and advertisement

campaigns because we know that knowledge is sometimes not enough. We have been bombarded by fallacious advertisement and consumption propaganda all our lives, we have been manipulated by corporations, and governments all our lives. We will never do fallacious advertisement, but we will use advertisement and marketing strategies and campaigns to communicate knowledge and to move people's emotions and feelings, so that knowledge and feelings can unite and motivate the people we reach to strive for social justice, freedom, democracy and the protection of the environment. 

We research

because we need to understand the world we live in, what the urgent problems are, and the information we need to help solve these problems. If we are going to address real-world problems, we need factual and accurate information to develop efficient tools and technology to help solve these problems.

We develop new ideas and theories

because we understand that one of the greatest characteristics of the human being, that is one of the many ways in which human freedom is expressed, is the ability to develop and create new thoughts, theories, arguments, and ideas. We do not believe that there is nothing new under the sun, on the contrary, we believe that everything is in constant change and evolution, and therefore we should always challenge the status quo, find ways to evolve old ideas, or even generate new ones.

We develop high impact projects

that can transcend us and be used by people regardless of their connection to us. People around the world should be able to use the tools, technology, knowledge, and advertisement campaigns to facilitate and promote Social Justice, Freedom, Democracy, and the protection of the environment in their own localities or with their own projects. We develop the tools for many others to use.

If you want to know how our internal organization works,

If you want to know more about our first project: Democracy in your hands,

If you want to know more about our second project: Cooperative E-market,

If you want to know more about the political and economical theories we have developed so far,

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