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Spread the word!

Every social media share, every comment, every time you talk about this ideas and projects with your friends, it helps us and it helps others question the status quo and help others realize that we can work together to steer the course of humanity. So please share this web page, the project, or the video you liked the most with your friends and on your social media.


Of course, if you have a podcast, a vlog, tv, or radio show, if you are an influencer, an artist, a journalist, a network, a media company, or a public figure you have a bigger reach than must of us. If you want to help promote these ideas and projects, please do. We will try to provide you with all the information you need or if you want an interview we will be more than happy to oblige.​

Please contact us at: and write the word “Promote" in the mail’s subject.

Thank you for your help!

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