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We-just-co-op is a cooperative that develops, supports, and promotes technology, knowledge, and tools that make it easy, and affordable for everyone to participate and strive for social justice, freedom, democracy, and the protection of the environment. Know more About Us.

Project 2:
Cooperative E Market

Cooperative E Market is an online-based market place like e-bay and amazon that makes it easy for people with social justice and environmental conscience to buy in a conscientious way and having a positive impact in the world.

To be able to sell in this platform you have to be a cooperative, a small family-owned and run business, self-employed, or an environmentally friendly producer or distributor. 

Furthermore, every seller becomes a Co-Owner of the market place.

We Just Coop
Project 2 CEM
Project 1 DIYH

Project 1:
Democracy in Your Hands

Democracy in your hands is a tool to take power away from the politicians and distributes it horizontally among all citizens. It is an app that makes it easy and efficient for citizens to make transcendental and impactful decisions democratically.


One feature of the app will help citizens do participatory budgeting, another, participatory Tax policy...

Participatory Budgeting &
Participatory Fiscal Policy

Participatory budgeting is the process in which all the citizens decide where the government is going to invest or spend its money. 

Participatory fiscal policy is the process in which all the citizens decide how the taxation system will work.


Democracy by Average 

Democracy by Average is a democratic decision-making process in which the decisions of citizens are averaged to obtain the midpoint of society. This average is what all members of society have in common, or where their opposing views, ideas, and desires converge;  and therefore it is the most accurate democratic process to obtain a common ground for all members of society.

Democratic Objectivecracy

Democratic Objectivecracy is a new form of social organization system without politicians, presidents, governors, and hierarchical structures and institutions. The new system centers the attention of the citizens in the objectives of the social contract.


Democratic Objectivecracy organizes the citizens so that they can rule themselves efficiently. Through average democracy, the citizens collectively decide what the objectives of the society will be, then the citizens...

Democratic Economy

Right now all the economies of the world are controlled by a combination of different powers. Among them: government power exerted through fiscal, budgetary, and monetary policy, trade agreements, subsidies, incentives, worker rights, environmental protection, private property legislation, control of infrastructure, public services, resources, and land; corporate and millionaire power exerted through financial institutions, the stock market, capital flight, lobbying, control of production, and markets and control of 80% of the world’s resources; and individual consumer power exerted through...


The world is changing, if we don't work to change it to what we want it to be, others will change it to what they want it to be.

Join the

Co-operative NGO

as a full-time owner/worker from anywhere in the world.

We need partners for:

Digital development project management, full-stack developers, front end and back end developers,

PR and financing management,

Natural science, and environmental research coordination,

Economy, sociology, and psychology research coordination,

Lawyer, Accountant.


Part-time or join full-time in a specific project

or the NGO from anywhere in the world.

We need:

Coders, developers, designers, motion graphics and 2d animators, graphic designers, Voice Over actors, videographers, video editors, actors, influencers, marketing creatives, PR agents, lawyers, social science researchers, environmental and natural science researchers, translators, writers.

Promote, share,

or help generate a contact, or a network.

We need:

Share a video or this web page on your social media or email it to your friends.

Interview us, or talk about these projects and ideas in your podcast, blog, radio, tv or video show.

Help us get in contact with people or networks that might promote or support these ideas and projects.

Propose a new high impact project.

We are looking for:

We are looking for projects that will have a great impact on the world and that can transcend individual communities and circumstances.

The development of a tool, an app, platform, technology, knowledge, or advertising campaign that might transcend us and be used by many people around the world in their own efforts.

You can propose a project and be part of the team that develops it or just propose the project and we will develop it.


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